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At Train On Retrievers, our passion is for hunting and watching a well-trained hunting retriever work in the field, marsh, open water, or whatever situation is presented. Our training program has been developed to bring out the best in every dog we work with.  As your retriever progresses through our program, we will communicate with you and focus portions of your dogs’ training toward the way you hunt. Whether from a boat, layouts, pits, or good old jump shooting along with using your hunting retriever in the uplands.

Started Gun Dog

Our started gun dog programs, which can take 4-6 months, includes on and off-leash obedience, collar conditioning to the basic commands including force fetch and hold. Your dog will be steady till released on single simple water/land marks and retrieve to hand. Upland work will be added at your request, but encouraged by our team.

Seasoned Gun Dog

Our seasoned program will focus on starting your dog handling on cold land/water blinds along with double retrieves and honoring other dogs work. Along with reinforcing all the above in our started program, depending on the dog, this program can take 3-6 months.

Finished Gun Dog

Our Finished program continues focusing on refining the cold blind skills and more complicated multiple retrieves.

Dogs that have not been through our started program will need to be evaluated to ensure he/ she has the skills to move on to the seasoned, finish programs. Your dog not having all the skills doesn’t say your dog can’t advance with us; we might need to back up a little and make sure that your dog has a good foundation of the basics before proceeding.

Boarding And Preseason Conditioning

For the hunter that gets busy during the summer with vacations and work, we take a limited amount of dogs for preseason tune-ups and conditioning. The length of stay with us can depend on you and your dog’s needs. Dogs that have been through our programs receive space priority.

Started Dogs And Puppies For Sale

Sometimes we have trained dogs at the different levels listed above available along with puppies. Please contact us to inquire about finding a dog or puppy to fit your needs. 


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